So We’re back. Break, as always, felt too short; you never really can get enough hugs from mom or delicious home cooking! But we’re here now and, having finished our first ever Arete retreat, we’re relieved and encouraged at the overwhelmingly positive response!  With all that encouraging feedback, we’re absolutely pumped to get this semester off to a great start! If you’re a student, expect a deluge of calls and texts, because we really want to see you around. We’re taking a freshly impassioned approach to our small groups, and planning to be out on campus and in the dorms a lot more! But it doesn’t end there; if you look carefully, you’ll see a lot of changes taking place; everything from Wednesday night adoration to Faith Enrichment has been examined, overhauled, and tweaked.
So we’ve got a lot to work with, and a lot of work to do. Keep us in your prayers and hopefully God will be able to do some GREAT things through us this semester!