Monday Nights at Newman are full of fun events!  The Dead Theologians Society and Newman’s Faith Enrichment Speakers switch every week, so no matter what, Mondays are a great day to come in to learn and grow in your faith!  The Dead Theologians Society meets downstairs in the Ahles Room at 7 PM once a month on Monday nights!

The Dead Theologians Society is a cool environment in which college students present on the lives of the saints and have a disscussion!  Through learning about the Saints of yesterday, the Dead Theologians Society inspires the youth of today to become the saints of tomorrow.  College students meet to learn about the lives of the Saints, their heroic virtue and listen to their inspirational writings. Using the interesting and engaging DTS format and through the examples of the Saints, college students are catechized and develop positive role models. Here are some of the upcoming events.


Faith Enrichment nights offer the students to come and see a myriad of speakers cover various topics!  Sometimes our priests will discuss with the students, but we also have many guest speakers come to Newman over the school year!  This is an excellent opportunity to recharge and refocus your week on serving Christ!


Dead Theologians Society