Our goal is to promote God’s truth through respect of all life from conception to natural death. Educating the community regarding the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of the respect life movement.


  • Provide opportunities for prayer and reflection at least once per month in a variety of ways. (For example: Rosary Mass, Candle Lighting services . . . etc.)
  • To educate on different aspects of the Respect Life movement, for both the committee and the greater community.
  • To provide respect life service opportunities outside the Newman community. (Ideas: prayer at abortion mills, picketing corporations that support such things as Planned Parenthood, etc.)
  • Bring people from many view points together for positive dialogue. (Ideas for topics include: adoption, abortion, euthanasia, mercy killing, partial birth abortion, aftermath of these choices, etc.)

What can I do to find out more or to get help?

Please see the lobby for further details regarding the Catholic Church’s teaching on different aspects of Respect Life and contact Denise Sanders for more ways to get involved in Respect Life at Newman or to become part of the Respect Life Core Team.