At the Newman Catholic Student Center Christ the Teacher Parish we are committed to helping the community and the students at Northern Illinois University be inspired by Christ to embrace Faith, create disciples, and transform lives.

The Newman Catholic Student Center is supported primarily by the generous community through their tireless work and helpfulness with all events and programs.  Without you, the Newman center could not reach as many students and would not be able to offer as many services and volunteer opportunities.

Although we are tied to the Northern Illinois University community, and are also an organization for the students, we are not funded by the university.

With your help and your investment in the Newman Catholic Student Center you are changing the lives of these college students by helping them grow in their faith as they become disciples who are inspired by Christ.

All donations are used directly for the renewal of the center’s space and members spirt.

Previous donations have been used to refurbish our Hoffman Room with new carpeting and furniture.  We have also remodeled the library and converted it into a library, coffee house, and gathering space for the college students and parishioners.  The priests have received a few new pieces of furniture as well as some fresh paint.

However, donations are needed to install a new handicap ramp at the front entrance and also a handicap bathroom.

You can make a difference now, by just following the Give Central Link!  Or you can find more information through the menu on the left to find out what kjind of donation is best for you!