Basics of trip to West Virginia

At the Work Site:

We will be working in many different places. We may be involved in a variety of jobs; including, cleaning, painting, landscaping, — you do NOT need any previous experience to be helpful, you will learn in partnership with experienced volunteers, sometimes simply visiting and listening are the best jobs done, an open heart and willing hands necessary.

At Home:

Our “home” has full bathroom facilities (i.e. showers), sleeping rooms, a kitchen, rooms with different games (basketball and volleyball courts, ping pong and pool), and a kitchen.

Evening Reflection & Community Time:

Each evening after preparing and sharing dinner together, time will be spent reflecting on the day’s work and where God’s presence was made known. This is a time to gauge how we are doing as servants of Christ to the people we are helping and to each other.

Suggested Packing List:

  • Sleeping bag / bedding
  • Pillow
  • Towels and other toiletriesWest Virginia Group
  • Medicines
  • Work clothes & shoes (Boots highly suggested)
  • Bible
  • Hiking clothes & shoes
  • Windbreaker or hooded sweatshirt
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses / sunscreen
  • Journal (to record your experiences in)
  • Work gloves (optional)
  • Hat (optional)
  • Flashlight (optional)
  • Alarm clock
  • Money (meals on the road / souvenirs)