Our Alternative Spring Break Service Trips seek to:

  • To provide time to be involved to cross-cultural ministry, especially among the most in need;
  • To provide a time to live with experienced missionaries from different communities;
  • To provide a brief experience of the values of community living including nightly Bible studies;
  • To provide the opportunity to learn about making an impact through immersion service;
  • To provide the opportunity to reflect on life choices through an experience of mission;
  • To provide time for prayerful reflection about the experience.

One of our trips will be to Wyoming County, West Virginia in the Appalachia Mountains for work with the PV Volunteers. Because the Appalachia region of the United States falls victim to economic hardship and agrarian poverty, this area is ideal for outreach ministry. Participants in this trip reach out to the impoverished, the elderly, and the youth of the region.

The other trips are in partnership with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the southern part of the United States. Past trips have gone to Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Tennessee. However, recently we have only been visiting West Virginia and Tennessee. The main focus of Habitat for Humanity is to make adequate housing a matter of conscience and action. On such trips, participants work in hands-on construction and renovation. From building trusses to framing houses or putting up drywall to staining wood trim, groups experience the rigors and joys of providing shelter. Habitat is more than building homes; it is building hope.

Our current spring break trips:

  • Habitat for Humanity Group

  • West Virginia Group

  • Spring Break Service Groups

  • Habitat for Humanity Home