Applications are now available for Newman Households.  You are invited to join the Catholic students who live together in an intentional community just one block from Newman.  What this means is that Catholic students will live together in an intentional community.

The residents commit to living as a community sharing weekly prayer and meals together.  They are involved at Newman with spiritual, service and social activities. Three bedroom apartments at 615 Lucinda.  Rent is $265 plus utilities.

For more information contact Zach Taylor (309) 265-1167

Student Reviews

“I really enjoy when we come together and share a meal, it creates camaraderie and fellowship”-

“I like Newman Housing because of the dinners, having a nice home cooked meal, sharing time
with each other, and having a time each week in which we all come together.” – Gaby

“Newman housing is a place in which I get to see my friends all together in one place”

“Affordable, great location, had roommates that I already knew coming into Newman housing.” -Zach

“I chose Newman housing because I was able to live with people I knew and shared the same
faith as me. I love the sense of community that I have here. The household dinner every week is
also wonderful because I get to enjoy being around everyone, and a home cooked meal. Not to
mention the location is great because I am close to Newman and campus.” -Julissa

Housing Agreement


Newman Household Covenant

Household Mission Statement

Newman Catholic Households will create a Christian Family Environment through Prayer, Sacraments, Fellowship, and Service.

Creating a Christian Family Environment

1) Sacraments: Pick at beginning of semester best time to go to Mass together.

Aka- Family/household Mass.

– Receive the Eucharist together; can also encourage each other to go to confession

2) Prayer – How & when? Can choose night prayer, rosary or chaplet, adoration, attend small group (Bible Study) together, etc.

3) Celebrate weekly Lord’s Day Supper together

4) Biweekly Saint– Learn about the saints and apply to daily life

5) Fellowship – With the greater Newman community & as a household

– When possible, be a living presence at Newman by attending Newman events

-Every other week bond through a special household event together such as:

movie night, bowling, other (group can decide interests as a whole).
6) Service – Complete a service project as a household (once a month?)

Household Name

1) Household Retreat *Required* – Date in August TBA

Pick a household name with your roommates at the beginning of the year retreat

-Maybe based off a saint name or connected to your shared vision

*Possibly capture the essence of: Unity – Friendship – Charity

Saints in Training. Marian Followers of Christ. Knights of the Immaculate.

Heroes for Christ. Daughters or Sons of Christ. Laughing with the Lord.

 Intentionally Living in Catholic Community- Conduct Commandments

  1. I will seek to deepen my practice of the Catholic faith and strive to love God more each day.
  2. I will attend household activities and share in the life of the community joyfully.
  3. I will look after the needs of my roommates and seek their good.
  4. I will avoid being mean to people in the household even when I am stressed out.
  5. I will avoid drama.
  6. I will avoid drunkenness and the use of illegal drugs.
  7. I will not have overnight guests of the opposite sex, and will seek godliness in all my relationships. * Visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed to go into bedrooms.
  8. I will apologize to the offended parties when I fail and seek to resolve conflict in charity.

Members Pledge

“As a Newman Household member, I pledge to:  actively participate in and positively grow personally and as a community by honestly following the conduct code. I will make the necessary daily small sacrifices in order to ensure I treat my household sisters and brothers with dignity. I will deal with conflicts lovingly and discuss them prayerfully.  I will avoid gossip and I will pray before I speak. I will form healthy relationships in which I focus on being supportive of my roommates, as well as those outside my household by positively lifting them up through my words, actions and prayers. As a Household member, I also pledge to attend Mass weekly and challenge myself to grow in my faith based on where I’m at. These actions will not only help me lead a truly Christian life, but also assist me in fulfilling the household mission.”

Signature: ________________________________________    Date: _____________________

Note: This Covenant is the foundation to having all Household members on the “same page” as a community; and through the members’ discretion, some details may be subject to change as long as all members mutually agree.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Matthew McMorrow

Newman Catholic Student Center

Christ the Teacher Parish